Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Would you like a side of Moose with that?

Arrived home yesterday from a 7 day visit to the Rock!  Now there aren't enough adjectives to describe the majesty, beauty, and vibrancy of this province and its people.

My writer's atena was vibrating, working overtime.  Places, people, settings, artists, museums, Mardi Gras on the downtown streets of St. John's, the food, dialect, ie: everything I would love to put in a WIP.  A writer's treasure trove.  Oh, and did I mention the stories, the folklore? 

The sense of joy, laughter, and kindness of the Newfoundlander's surrounded me with comfort, a sense of well being, and stirred the creative juices.  I mean where else would you find a hired delivery man offer a piece of moose meat with the newly purchased barbecue!

This is just the tip of the iceberg (none floating in the harbour yet).  I couldn't wait to get home to blog and share. 

So, anyone of you been to the Rock?  If so, give us your take!

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