Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Social Networking - a time drain or an indispensable tool?

Being new to the writing gain and hoping to launch my new WIP soon, I took the plunge, created a blog, added the blogs of wonderful writers to my favourites, and became a member of Twitter.  The only plunge left for me to take is Facebook.  I have reservations so hence the wait. 

Easy, right?  Yes.  I'm better informed than I ever have been.  I've dialogued with writers who have enriched my writing life by their own experiences, wit, and energy - a more generous bunch I've never encountered.

The problem - time!  I'm spending way too much following all the tweets, blogs, and spin offs into books, films, non-fiction.  I have spent countless hours social networking at the expense of not revising my WIP (convenient excuse or am I a victim of communication?).

So readers/writers, how do you handle the time consuming business of social networking.  Do you see it as a curse, blessing, or a tool to be managed with care?

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  1. Hi.. Thanks for the add on Twitter.

    I have blogged previously about the time consumption of social networking and eventually came to the (very hard to keep to) decision that the only way is to delete all but the most informative, helpful and interesting contacts you have gathered over time.

    Someone wrote on another blog (can't remember which)that you start with a click on something relevant and three hours later you have clicked your way to something totally not related. And it's true...

    Nice to meet you..x