Monday, 7 November 2011

A Helping Hand

I started to write a little over two years ago.  My first WIP is 'stored away in the cupboard' until I have the time or the inclination to revisit and rewrite.  I don't mourn the fact that it is unpubishable in its current state, rather I celebrate the fact that I did it.  Actually finished it!  And I cherish how much it taught me.

I have a lot more confidence in my second WIP and I'm others will like it and share my confidence.  Others have had a lot to do with my writing journey and I'd be a jerk if I didn't take the time to give my thanks to them in today's post.

Writers have to be the most generous professionals I've ever met.  I have come across so many that have offered encouragement, extended a helping hand, referred me to excellent resources, and offered to read and critique. 

Some of the writers were published and busy working on their next project, some were like me, just starting out, and some were very 'long in the tooth'.  No matter, and I don't believe it was a matter of luck, I've never come across those involved in the gruelling, taxing, draining, uplifting, eagle soaring process of writing who weren't willing to share their time, attention, tips, and advice.

That hasn't been my experience in other fields.  So, as my WIP goes through its final polish, hats off to all those who have been so gracious to a newbie.

Have you had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of gracious giving?

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