Friday, 4 November 2011

The Writer's Room

Solitutude, quiet, the closed door, keep out sign, don't disturb, out of my face, picture of the family, picture of the cat or dog, cat or dog lying at your feet, cat or dog whining or meowing at the door, nature calling you and your pets, cell vibrating, tweets popping up on your empty screen.  Any of this sound familiar?  Does this happen in your writing place?

It happens in mine more often than nought.  Then I begin to long for the isolation of a log cabin, deep in the woods, wood stove blasting heat in the winter, screen doors and windows letting in light and fresh air in the summer, spring rain beating a hynotic tattoo on the rough. And, the brilliant autumn leaves glimpsed through the window igniting the writer's passion within. 

Ideal, yes.  Reality, no, sigh.  We writers to do the best with what we have, try to let go of our sentimental, environmental trappings.  In my writing place, lots of things go on.  Interruptions - love them on a bad writing day - coffee, tea, juice, water drinking until nectar time, one eye on the page, one eye on the clock.  When I enter my writing place - a small room crammed with books, laptop, and dictionary - don't trust spell check - humiliated too many times. 

Like an old dog that turns around three times before sitting down, I have my superstitious rituals before opening the page - the unmentionables.  And sometimes, not often enough, to this rather pathetic little hovel, magic comes, fingers fly trying to keep up with the evolving story.  Muses dancing around in the head and around the room.

But, reality quickly returns, distractions happen - usually my own - and so on.

What about your writing place?  Is it magical, dreary, inspiring, or a retreat?  How do you liven up your creative space?

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