Thursday, 10 November 2011

Farmers' Fields - Murderous Plots

Yesterday morning, sun shining bright, two friends and I went across the basin and onto back roads to the farmers' fields where thousands (literally tens of thousands) of migrating geese from Greenland join up with the Canadian geese to rest after their transatlantic flight, eat, and do whatever else geese do - who'd of thought they fly at night!  At the first sight of snow, they head south. 

And speaking of snow, I had the wonderful luck to see two snow geese - dazzling white in the sunshine.  This is all new to me and I was glad my friends told me just how lucky I was.  And so are the geese, for the farmers forbid hunters on their fields. 

Exciting to watch them in their V formations.  The leader takes the brunt of the wind, the ones toward the back coast and then the change up.  One from the back comes to the front, and so on, until they cross the North Atlantic.  That's teamwork!

Now I'm not sure I will become a professional birdwatcher but I was grateful to the friends who invited me along yesterday where another unforeseen event happened. 

Writer's instinct never leaves and the sight of the empty fields in the countryside spawned two murderous plots.  I wrote them down as soon as I got back to the house.  Now that was the luckiest day I had in a long while.

What about you?  Anyone out their a bird watcher? Ever have plots evolve when you were in a different enviroment?

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