Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Importance of Connections

I recently had a simple, but important, 'aha moment' when I went south of the border into Maine with a friend on our annual Christmas shopping trip.  We don't save any money but that's not the point.  We have fun, the people of Maine are friendly, inviting, and of course, the selection in the stores out wows ours here in Eastern Canada.  It's possible to find those uniquely different gifts!

Anyway, to the 'aha' moment.  I had finished shopping before my friend so decided to join the line up at one of those little cafes set up in the mall that sold mochas, lattes, java of all sorts.  I was at the back of the line and had time to watch the young people (three of them all in their teens) waiting on the customers.  They were a joy to watch, busy, but not stressed, bouncing the teamwork ball beautifully, taking the time to smile at each other and the customers.

When I finally made it to the counter, I started seperating my Canadian coins from the American.  The young man asked why I had so much Canadian money and the conversation began.  We talked about Canada, shopping in America, and the like, then I took my bottle of water (don't take caffeine after a certain hour), sat at the table and took a peek inside the book I had bought.  I was interrupted by the young man passing me a piece of complementary pumkin loaf.  Surprised, delighted, to say the least.

I thought about the connections the small team at the mall made in their daily lives with the people they encountered and how much I admired it.  It is important to make connections with others even in the routine of our daily lives, not just in disasters or the like, when usually the best in everyone comes out. 

The realization of the simple, daily small connections with other members of the human family was my 'aha' moment.  The sheer importance of it and the difference it makes in our lives.  These small beginnings are the steps, I believe, towards interacting with others of different creeds, cultures, abilities, and the like.  For underneath it all, we belong to the human family.

Just had to share it. 


  1. Good post. It makes you feel better when people make some effort. All too rare these days but welcome when it arrives.

  2. Yep, I love all the little surprise connections we encounter when we're open to the moment. Enjoy the holidays -Kelly