Thursday, 3 November 2011

Staying Power!

Commitment requires discipline and staying power, something I find myself ignoring from time to time.  Any excuse will do:  doctor's appt., lunch with friends, drinks with friends, getting drunk with friends - that sort of thing plus to many others to mention.

Way back in my school days I had the same type of problem.  Ignored daily study for:  favourite TV program, talking with friends, reading, reading, and reading all my favourite books in my room with door shut - parent and siblings not welcome.

And then came the exams.  Door shut, none welcome, and then, the brain cram, walking into the classroom slowly, oh so carefully, so all the crammed stuff didn't jar loose then back home to cram again.

So, as you can see, I lacked discipline (except for rounders and handball - no fooling around, reputation was at stake) and that lack has now affected by writing life.  It's a love/hate relationship.  I spend my considerably lowered energy reserves immersed in the do I or don't I write today? 

However, I think I'm starting to learn.  Not to my credit but by following writers who are dedicated, determined, dynamic and dexterious!  Feelings of guilt surface from somewhere, and it happens, I want to be a professional.  I want staying power!

Any other writers or readers out there experience the same?

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