Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Facebook or Not?

Every day consists of making some sort of decision and today I'm faced with deciding whether or not to go on facebook.

I have my blog, I'm on Twitter @writersangst but have avoided facebook because of negative views from others. 

So, I'm seeking other opinions this morning.  What is your take on Facebook.  Do you find it intrusive, too invasive, concerned about privacy issues. 

I'm trying to get all my ducks in line for when my book goes live and hence this morning's question.

Hope you will share your opinion or point me elsewhere to reliable info.  Thanks.


  1. To be honest with you it is time consuming.. I did have two, one personal and one for work related stuff but I have recently merged them to save a little time at least.

    From a work point of view it is useful to connect and everything I put on Twitter goes automatically to FB. The best advantage of FB is that you have a lot more space to say what you need to.

    You can of course open a page entitely for your new book, as many do. Col Bury is an example..

  2. oh, I forget about my facebook for days and weeks on end. I mostly use it to find someone, to get in touch with a young client, to play scrabble. I'm not sure how it would help me in my aim for writerly glory but I'm sure someone will tell me soon.