Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Risk Taking - Yea or Nay - What's Your Story?

I haven't had a chance to post in awhile because I've been hard at work putting final polish on my WIP.  Hoping to upload and go live on Amazon by end of November - scary business.  I could play it safe and not take the risk but I believe my work will bring pleasure to readers, and as a reader for many, many years, I know the value of a good read. 

And then there's the whole social media business.   I found the learning curve to be a steep, sometimes frustrating one (and still do, haven't managed how to add Follow me buttons on my blog yet!) The extent of my communication skills:  an expert of sending e-mails.  But, I'm not giving up  yet.  I know how to retweet on Twitter now and proud of it!

But back to the book, going live is a bit of a crap shoot. Readers amy dis it, and I respect that as a reader, I too have my preferences.  But, I'm going to take the plunge, one toe in the water when I post my book cover for comment next week.

Other risk I've taken:  relocating to new town in new job, selling home, enrolling in University as a mature student, travelling alone to Europe.  All of them scary at the time and even though some didn't go as I had hoped, I found taking on the challenge of change to be a true growth experience.

I'd love to hear your risk stories, for life experience is the greatest teacher!

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