Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Storm

Huge wind and rain storm here on the east coast yesterday.  Biblical rains!  Had I known, when I threw half of the winter's woodpile in the basement, I wouldn't have been so ambitious and left more for the building of an ark.

The wind stripped the leaves that have hung around this fall for the longest time I can remember.  Unfortunately, the leaves all flew into my neighbour's yard.  His lot happens to be treeless, hope he's strong into community life.

Sleep was interrupted by the fierce winds.  This was a real storm not a pretend drop and blow but one that I remember from when I was young.  Storms that raise the hairs on the back of your neck.  Now I wouldn't be talking about the power of storms so light heartedly except for the fact that there was no loss of life, no horrible flooding, tree limbs down, garbage cans and leaves blown around. 

Today,t he sun is hwoing, water is flowing in the front gutter and the temperature has plummeted.  Not a bad thing for I'm a bit old fashioned, I'm used to seasonal changes and cold in the fall is good.  Some supersition hanging around on that one. 

The storm is over and now its time to get down to the serious business of writing, editing and polishing.  Its the only way I know to get closer to sharing my work with others. 

Stay well. 

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