Friday, 3 June 2011

Books into Films - What are Your Favourites?

Who doesn't love a good movie.  We all have our favourites, the ones we make a point to watch again and again.  A good film, like a good book, is deceptive in its simplicity.  It takes great artistry and skill to layer a novel or film with underlying themes so subtly that the reader or viewer needs to revisit the work in order to dsicover its complexities. 

The book that goes 'Hollywood' has been derided by many readers and there's no doubt some movies bear no resemblance to the book. But then, there are those that are done extremely well while remaining faithful to the author's vision. 

I have my all time favourites - Jane Austen's works have been handled brilliantly, in my opinion, and no doubt have attracted readers who would never have thought of giving her a try.This is one of my favourites.  What are some of yours?