Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Get Behind Me...

I'm ready to move on from my first WIP.  I don't want to do another edit or polish.  It is time it is finished.  I have other ideas percolating around in my head.

Why I and other writers put ourselves through the grind of writing is a mystery.  Its a challenging, frustrating, rewarding, disappointing venture and, like so much else in life, in the end, there are no guarantees.  I confess to being a bit nostalgic.  My thoughts meander back more often than I like to what were 'the days when things were much more simple'.  When an author told a good story, didn't have to be concerned about marketing, a good story sells itself.  Now I know this is not true and never was, but its a favourite fantasy of mine, a return to what never was.  Doesn't make a lot of sense does it?  Neither does being a writer.

End of writer's rant and back to subject.  Letting go of my first WIP is scary.  Will readers like it?  Will it crash into the ashes of the rejected.  And if it does, is it really deserved?  I've thought and re-thought these questions to the point that I know its time to move on.  Get behind me WIP.

Has you ever felt this way about a project you've undertaken, doesn't have to be writing, I suspect there are more similarities than disimilarities in our human undertakings?


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  1. It's a tough call to make in my opinion. At times, you think you're story is finished, but other times, you aren't sure. I think though, you just know. Although it's hard letting go, we have to. (Now, if only I can take my own advice!)