Friday, 18 November 2011

Christmas Music/Decorations in Early November Rant

I'm being an ugly bear this morning and rant against the early promotion of Christmas.  I realize the worldwide economy is in a tailspin, that retail outlets have been hit hard but really, is it necessary to start barraging shopping customers with Christmas music two days after Halloween going to help.

It aggravates me to no end, inudates and dulls my senses to beautiful music and all the other trimmings that accompany this wonderful season.  By the time I'm ready to start shopping, I'm immune to all the hype and try to conjure of feelings of good will - doesn't happen.

Our brilliant neighbours to the south kick off their Christmas shopping on their Thanksgiving weekend, a heartwarming tradition that I expect sets the tone for December.  Its not an option here in Canada with our October Thanksgiving weekends but surely there is something we can do to discourage the shopkeepers from bombarding us with enticements on TV, in the malls, on our streets, and yes, our libraries - our local one is fully decked out. 

I support consumerism.  I love to buy gifts for family and friends; love to receive them as well.  But, scrooge like as I may sound, please don't bother me with any of the trappings before the middle of November.  What about you?  Am I alone in this?  Weight in with your opinion, perhaps you can help me to see the benefit of these early enticements.

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