Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Creative Connection

Avid readers have all experienced the words of a story coming alive, saturating our senses, dancing off the page, becoming visual.  We see them, hear their voices, feel their tension.  And we have those gifted writers to thank for our experience.

Creative artists have the power to influence and infuse us with all the intensity of our first love.  No matter the art form, we are priveleged and owe a vote of thanks to those who allow us, even for a brief moment, to see the world, others, and ourselves, a bit differently.

And this morning, I think of those who work in film who have brought written works to visual life on the screen.  A team of dedicated, talented artists whose combined gifts see us leave the theatre, richer, wiser people.  The screenwriters, producers, directors - forgive my ignorance in not being able to mention all - know the power of harnessing their talent, together as a team, to wow us.

And I'm not talking just about the gifted 'Ingmar Bergman' types, but all those who have so delightfully entertained us from the classic movies of Spencer/Hepburn to the chiller thrillers of today that infuse our imaginations to the point of leaving us shaking in our beds. 

What's your favourite film?  What film has so inspired you that you are able to see connections between our our lives, the world around us; the world that wouldn't rotate so beautifully without the vision of artists? 

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