Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Hum in the Heart

The fall is my favourite time of year and judging by fellow writers and readers, I'm not alone.  What's not to like about the visual landscapes this time of year - brilliant colours - orange, however reigns supreme.  All those pumpkins - saw some pumpkin people early this morning pushing a lawn mower, a wheelbarrow, and one jumping in a pile of leaves.

Writers are not the only creative ones.

And speaking of writers, how many of you out there feel the creative juices begin to flow at the sight of such colourful imagery?  I, for one, at this time of year, know that my creativity knows no bounds, there are countless stories bouncing around deep within just waiting to be told.

I hum in time with the beat of my, oh so, creative heart.  Sadly, it passes, as always, but for today, I rejoice in being a writer.

How about you?


  1. Every turn of the season is a time of fresh approach for me. The turning brings about a sweet nostalgia for last year or 12 years ago, or my first fall at school, my first spring in love...very rich and creative times.

  2. Wonderfully said, Jan. The 'firsts' are truly sweet.