Friday, 21 October 2011

Speared, Run Through, and Loving It!

And readers, what about you?  Have you ever been speared?  By a writer whose opening line lets you know you're in good hands.

You know yourself to be in the sacred place; you are, without a doubt, in the presence of creation.  You see, hear, smell, the texture of the writing.  You bond, form a trusting relationship with the author.  You journey to the end not wanting to reach it. 

You run the gamut of emotions, perhaps some intense enough you have to put the book down and pace.  And at other times, the prose is like your favourite soft pillow, a place to rest, to let go of your own reader awareness.

If you've experienced just a few of these, then the tip of the spear has penetrated.  If you've experienced all of these and more, then you too, reader, have been speared, nailed to the wall, run through.

And what book, what writer has speared your heart?

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