Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hopes for the New Year

As always, the New Year has found us.  According to some, it won't next year as everything comes to an end in December - good news though, it's on a Friday so we all get the weekend off!

Now, on to more serious matters - our hopes for the New Year.  Hope is mysterious.  She (I don't know why I want to assign the feminine, feel free to choose the masculine) hides well, buries herself under the cares and worries that each one of us carries every day.  And it seems, when everything closes in on us, she buries herself deeper and won't come out with any amount of coaxing.

However, when we turn our back on her, get busy with facing what we don't want to face but need to face, up she comes from those hidden depths.  She fills us with visions of glorious sunrises, meaningful encounters with those we love and who love us, leads us to others we don't yet know.  Compassion joins with her and our eyes our opened to those less fortunate than us, who bear greater burdens and yet deep in their hearts, hope struggles to free itself.

Our hopes, like ourselves, are unique but I suspect we do have a lot of common hopes as we journey into 2012.  May all our buried dreams, hopes and loves surface this New Year.  And, if you are so moved, weigh in with your hopes on the blog.

Happy New Year!!!

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