Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Life

This is my first post since the passing of my sister, a woman who will be missed by many.

She left this life from her own bed, in the farmhouse she had lived in for the last 30 years, surrounded by her loved ones.  As I sat by her bedside on that last day, I reflected on the life she had lived.  She gave of herself and the more she gave, the more she grew, the more she loved.

She and her husband were married at a very young age and according to stats, the chances of staying together were slim.  They were married for 44 years.  Her life wasn't always easy but she never gave up on others or herself.  She was a strong woman, no pushover, who set goals and worked diligently to accomplish them.  She loved her children, adored her grandchildren, supported her widowed mother, and reached out quietly, behind the scenes to others in need.

She had fun - loved to go to yard sales and browse for bargains she didn't need - for together with her husbandd, their hard work had won a financially stable life.  She travelled, made friends in the Carolinas who stayed in contact with her until the day she passed.  Her laughter was contagious. 

I could go on but I won't.  I needed to write this so I can continue on with my blog. 

Love you forever, sister of mine. 

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  1. Beautifully heartfelt, Hank.

    I'm in tears right now.

    I can't imagine losing my brother, so I can't imagine your pain, but I can tell you loved your sister.