Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year

As 2012 hurtles ever closer, I can't help looking back on 2011.  It's been a watershed year for our family.  Our oldest granddaughter went off to University this fall with high marks and renewable scholarships and we couldn't help but be proud.  Our son, who lived in New York city for the past fourteen years (research/taught at Columbia University) was seduced back to Canada this September (oddly enough by an American enviromental company).  He's in another province but we see him more frequently now although he's in New York over the holidays as that is where his significant other lives.

Our daughter has ventured into her own fashion design business and we are hoping she gets it up and off the ground as she is very talented.  Our second youngest granddaughter is travelling to Guatemala in February in class trip.  We are excited for her and a bit apprehensive as well.

And myself, I took the plunge this year and wrote a book.  I had written short stories for the kids over the years (great fans) but was caught up in career, family life and the like.  It was only on retirement that I turned my focus to writing.

Coming to this profession in the last half of my life is a blessing for I'm past the qualms that go with it is good or not?  I trust readers to tell me that although I have yet to be reviewed and am trying to be patient. 

So dear friends, that's been my life over the past year.  I hope all the best for you in the New Year, may the goddess of good fortune sprinkle on you. 

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