Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Writing Sprint

I'm going to do a mini writing marathon today - due to start in twenty minutes.  I haven't posted on the blog for a bit so thought I'd warm up with this post.  I'm getting close to finishing my book, however, the closer I get, the further away the finish seems.  Little things start to niggle.  Is my time line accurate, are the character's names consistent, will the plot stand up under the reader's scrutiny?

My subconscious starts throwing up hints that all may not be well with the manuscript and it usually throws these hints up in the middle of the night.  I lay there thinking about the few changes I should make, fall back to sleep, and forget them in the morning.  I know its fruitless to keep a notepad on the nightstand for jotting the ideas.  I tried that and what made sense in the middle of the night lost its glow in the cold light of day.

So today I've decided to write to the finish, not edit, not fret (yeah, okay maybe that's a bit unrealistic) and push on to the end.  I'm hopeful of finishing but what do I know, it's my first time out of the gate!  Anyone know the secret to getting your muse to share your writing chair?

1 comment:

  1. Go forth and write! Don't worry about all the stuff and whether it is correct or not. Of course it isn't - that's what glorious rewrites are for. Just finish the bugger and then put it in a drawer for a month to ripen. Take it out January whatever and go back at it. JUST FINISH IT already!
    much love - you can do this...