Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Writers are Wonderful - Don't You Think?

And, as a newbie to the writing game, I'm not saying I'm one of the wonderful ones who work so hard - yet, in this morning in this post.  I'm speaking of those dedicated, professional writers who have thrilled, inspired, and motivated us with their books and speak, post, sometimes travel great distances to  book signings to promote their works..

The publishing industry today is a confusing one.  Whether a writer goes the traditional route - agents, publisher, print book, or e-book or self-publishing (according to the latest stats - sales of e-books are phenomenal) the road facing the writer is still a long, arduous, frustrating, but hopefully, when all is said and done, a rewarding one.

Writers today work hard at promotion - social networking on facebook, twitter, blogs and e-mail - as well as public appearances at libraries, book signings and the like. 

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, our country stretches, like the U.S., from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans (unlike our wonderful neighbours to the south, we don't border on those warm southern waters) however, are population is much smaller and spread out. 

This morning I would like to mention three Canadian authors who are taking the time after the writer's conference to make for book signing at a local mall in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  They are Barbara Fradkin (Inspector Green series), Thomas Rendall Curran (Inspector Eric Stride series) and Mary Jane Maffini (Sleuth Charlotte Adams). 

Hats off to them and all hard-working authors who know the toil of promoting their products. 


  1. Writers are amazing. Society is moved along and improved by it's creative thinkers, yet paradoxically, people often think of writers as wasteful -- i.e. "get a real job", etc.

    So it's a miracle anyone ever sticks it out to become writers at all.

  2. You live in Nova Scotia! I live in Nova Scotia! How wonderful.