Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Hook

Ask someone who sews about hooks and you will get a discourse on the different types, styles, strength and overall visibility.  Ask someone who fishes about hooks and you will get a discourse that could go on for days.  Ask a writer or reader about hooks and this is where the discourse moves from concrete to subjective.  The conversation takes on a very personal flavour.

In the submission process, writers put out the hook and hope a publisher or an agent takes the bait.  But like food and drink, the response varies according to taste.  The writer may choose to go the e-book route and hook the readers directly.  Again, it's a matter of taste.  In these cases, there's no right or wrong hook just preferences.

So, as a reader or writer, what is your all time favourite hook?  Why did it draw you into the story?  What made you want to know more? 

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